Courtesy Terry Weatherford

Missing from this photo: Gordon Atkins, Terry Dailey, Wanda Hindle, Dave Wittman, Craig Baalman (they left early), assorted spouses, significant others and partners and special guests


2001 was the 10th anniversary...


...of the beginning of the disembowelment of the original KIX crew, that began with the unwarranted and incredibly stupid decision that resulted in the termination of Terry "Wranglin' Danglin' Dick" Dailey. The Zimmers took over the station on 13 September 1991 (my 43rd birthday) and my life (and so many others) hasn't been the same since then. One by one, we all moved on to other things.


But in any radio career there's always one station where the vibe is just right and the people all mesh in a "you and me against the world" kinda way. It's the station that always seems to be climbing the hill but never gets to the top, where each achievement is made against seemingly impossible odds, where each player has one memory that he or she wishes that NO ONE would ever mention again but can always laugh about when shared with those who were there. The original KIX104 (on the air from 1985-1991) was one of those experiences.


And then a few months back, Pat White mentioned to me in an email how neat it would be to get the old crew back together...


So ten years and eleven days after the sale some of us got together (9-24-01) at The Opus Room in Westport Plaza, shared memories, some tears and lotsa hugs and just flat out had a great evening.


By the way, Steve Davis and his band provided two great sets, one from the band and one with Steve is his Elvis personna. Our thanks to Steve, the band and their crew for a knockout performance. If you don't call 618-372-4155 and hire these guys to play for your next event, I'll send Dan Strauss to your house to play his harmonica!


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